Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tips to Motivate the Artist/Business Owner

"Men's best successes come after their disappointments."
- Henry Ward Beecher

I decided to share some tips that I’ve formulated for myself to help me figure out my direction and purpose in the next year and, hopefully, many years to come. I’ve shortened my long list as I found myself repeating some of the same statements or issues. If you have any to add, please feel free to do so in the comment box.

Tips to Motivate Myself the Artist as Business Owner:

1) Demonstrate that my customers and my products matter – Explain to myself my responsibilities as a business owner and artist. Understand how my work ethic, creativity, organization and punctuality contribute to my business’s success and my ability to meet deadlines and schedules.

2) Recognize good performance – Set a high production/quality standard for myself and then identify each of my efforts that exceeds my expectations or meets identified goals. Praise myself for a job well done. Discipline myself when my performance is not up to par.

3) Show confidence in myself and my work – Assign “stretch” goals that really challenge me to become a better artist by increasing the difficulty level for the next project. This will, also, build my confidence. Avoid the temptation to give up. Sometimes “muddling” through a task will motivate me to figure a problem out and then use real solutions.

As my first year as Kameli Shae and Ladyfingahs on Etsy comes to a close, I’ve begun to reflect and prepare for 2011. I must say that I came pretty darn close to meeting my goal of 50 sales for the year. That may sound like a small number to many, but when you have other responsibilities that are more important than a home-based business 50 sales can be a bunch. I need to add balance to the list. It can be really difficult at times trying to juggle all that my life entails. Through it all, I must say, I have a blast on this journey. It might be even more enjoyable if in the coming year, things get a little wilder... we'll see!

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