Thursday, November 19, 2009

…really is an inborn concept. I think! Yesterday I was talking to the owner of and we happened upon the subject of mundane things. We both realized something great about each other…. just how much we’re turned off by "systems". Let me elaborate for a minute here: She mentioned something about the fact that the moments when she feels the need to create come so random. I went on to say that that’s what being creative should be. The spontaneity of our ideas are most creative and/or successful when they fall from the sky or pop into our heads out of nowhere. I have literally gotten up at 4 am and sketched or sewn or built a scale model. Sometimes I’ve done my best work; other times I had to re-visit my original thoughts at a later time. None the less, these are fun times for me. The moment when my creations are set up systematically is the moment when I’m going to lose interest. God bless those of us who are able to go to your 9 to 5’s everyday and do the same thing over and over and not get bored or discouraged. I haven’t been successful at it, yet. Furthermore the one or two jobs that I had where this [system] was required didn’t last long at all. Cookie cutting is not my thing and I’m ok with that for now! By the way, the pic is of bib and square sets that used to be available at They're sold out because during my trip to SC last month I sold out of them and lots of other bib related items. I call the item 'square' because they have so many uses: burp cloth, changing pad, cover-up, etc. They're actually rectangular in shape, as well. If you like it, you can do an alchemy request at for a made to order set.

Cuter than I imagined

I had a lot of fun making this set. For many years, I've longed for a career in shoe design. This is probably the closest I'll ever make it and I'm ok with that now, as I have a lot going on in my life right now anyway. If anyone is interested the shoes are made from a free pattern that was downloaded months ago from a seamstress whose name escapes me, but googling will help you find something that works for you. I hope to add more fabrics and styles to the etsy store soon, but at the pace I'm working at don't allow me to make you lose sleep while waiting. Because these shoes are made to order, they come in any sizes you need. All I would need is the length and width of the baby's feet. The bibs are always one size fits most. Honestly, these are the only type of shoes your baby needs to wear until they start walking. Actually, as they're learning to walk they should be mostly barefoot anyway. The shoes are not intended for walkers as I can't guarantee that the microsuede soles are slip resistant. The shoes stretch and conform to the shape of your little one's feet. I will always make them with a little room around the inside perimeter. Order away...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some thing's new at

Well, lots, actually! I took a mini-vacation with my girls which I will be going into details about soon enough. While there I was encouraged to re-think my mission for my store. I’ve decided to do quite a few things differently. Mainly, the inventory: note to self… start a project, finish a project, hurry up and post the product!

Go over to the site and see for yourself. Now, wait a minute, quick changes don’t happen over night, so be patient with me. Creativity takes time. I actually teach a course in the spring where my students are asked to go through the steps to conceptualize their ideas to creation (make sense?). I should tell you about my life as a college professor, but not right now.
Anyway, below you will find my newest product that’s for sale. The apron features designer fabrics. They also promote independence as they have elastic neck and waist bands. Your child can easily step into them.