Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I think it's really over...

I guess this is another reason to truly believe that summer is really over. I know that it was a mere 50-something degrees when I got out of the house this morning (in Florida... N. Florida, but come on!). Honestly, I'm still not ready for the fall weather. It's beautiful outside this time of year, but I have a great dislike for temps below 70 degrees. To add to my sadness, I was in the yard for approximately an hour around midday and only saw one butterfly... how disappointing.

Proudly, we cultivated 51 okra since mid-August. That's alot! I didn't say we were trying to set up shop at the local farmer's market. It was a start; to say it was our first attempt. At least, every weekend we were able to have a side of okra for dinner. We'll do better next year. I, also, noticed that we have two bell peppers to pluck. We better get them before the morning frost does.

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