Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I had a ball...

I didn't think that I would have so much fun attending a baby shower. I believe the biggest reason I did was because it has been a while since I attended a function without the family. I not only enjoyed the opportunity to mingle with other adult ladies, but the food was great, too. Food that I didn't have to prepare, although I did offer my assistance as I was the first guest to arrive.

The purpose of the shower was to congratulate one of my former student's on the upcoming arrival of her first child. Of course, my gift was handmade by (myself) Kameli Shae. For some reason, I love making bib and burpee sets. I love functional items for children. BB sets can be used for as long as you think your child needs to be shielded from the constant mess they'll make when eating. Unless, they're like one of mine, who decided that from about nine months she was never going to wear a bib. That girl would constantly snatch it from around her neck. 

Well, They've already chosen a name for the baby boy, so this time I was able to personalize the sets with his initial ('e'). I love the animal print the best. It's a new fabric by David Miller called "Oh Boy! Zoo Animals". He has several new prints available this season. Lately, I've been more inspired to pursue another masters in Textile Design, but I'll save the details for another post. These are for sale at kamelishae.etsy.com... log on for more info.

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