Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is Beauty? An Artist Attempts To Define...

Hey Fellow Designers & Indie Shop Owners! I have a section of my blog where I am featuring other artists. I love admiring your interpretation of your art form. For instance, it's so intriguing that I and a few crafters in my circle love African Textiles, but the way we each decide to transform the fabric seems to be unique per our personality, skill level, artistic eye, etc. I've even found that introducing myself to other artists and their work has enhanced my own ideas and aesthetics. If you'd like to be included it's FREE and you get a permanent link to your site.  Not everyone will be picked and there are some qualifications:

Cohesive Shop                     
Fair - Good Pictures
Uniqueness of Ideas and/or Designs

So, if you're interested in participating please respond to this thread. I will let you know if you have
been picked. To view previous posts on various topics please check out the entire blog.

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