Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some thing's new at kulchababy.etsy.com

Well, lots, actually! I took a mini-vacation with my girls which I will be going into details about soon enough. While there I was encouraged to re-think my mission for my store. I’ve decided to do quite a few things differently. Mainly, the inventory: note to self… start a project, finish a project, hurry up and post the product!

Go over to the site and see for yourself. Now, wait a minute, quick changes don’t happen over night, so be patient with me. Creativity takes time. I actually teach a course in the spring where my students are asked to go through the steps to conceptualize their ideas to creation (make sense?). I should tell you about my life as a college professor, but not right now.
Anyway, below you will find my newest product that’s for sale. The apron features designer fabrics. They also promote independence as they have elastic neck and waist bands. Your child can easily step into them.

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